The acronym BGM stands for Beautiful Gallery of Movies. At its origin is Sébastien Roussel, an image and cinema enthusiast, freelance graphic designer and former graphic designer for the specialized cinema and home cinema press for more than 18 years.

« Always fascinated by the fields of image and everything related to it, I was immersed very early in a world where the visual and its aesthetic sense held a dominating place. At the crossroads of artistic fields and journalism, I have acquired more than 18 years of experience in graphic design for the specialized cinema press.

Today, my ambition is to give back to fantastic old posters from the golden age of Hollywood cinema, cult or forgotten, the status of work of art that they richly deserve. For this, I undertook to restore them with the greatest care and the highest precision. By restoring the original colors of these visuals, now free of all unsightly traces of time (yellowed paper, fold marks, stains, various snags, etc.), my goal is to have everyone rediscover them as the spectators were able to admire them at the time of the very first theatrical release of films 60, 80 or even 100 years ago...


Able to offer you very beautiful reprints of these posters, which I started restoring more than 2 years ago, with passion, patience and the greatest meticulousness of which I am capable. I thus offer you the best of my know-how in the matter, and hope that all the purchasers of these magnificent visuals, to which I wished to restore their splendor of yesteryear, will be fully satisfied with their purchase. Rest assured that I do everything for everyday. »

Sébastien Roussel - Image restorer/Founder